Some professional terms will be involved in the Privacy Policy, and we will explain them to you in as concise a way as possible so that you can understand them. Collection and use of information We collect and store some of your personal information for account creation and provide necessary support for subsequent services. If you don't want us to provide this information, you may not be able to register or enjoy some services provided by us, or some functions may not achieve the best experience. Unregistered users can also have all functions, and we will not collect personal information of unregistered users. The personal information we obtain includes Your name, email address, mailing address, telephone number, and uploaded avatar picture or bank card number when you register your account or use our service. Bank cards or credit cards are used to pay for the services or products of company name technology. Information provided to us or other parties when using the "shared photo stream" or "shared" service. Other information we obtained includes The geographical area of the computer equipment you use when interacting with the service, your system language, and the type of equipment and software you are using or the version number of the operating system can help us understand you better so as to optimize the service and give you a better experience. Running logs when you use our products, including statistical information, critical operation paths, error logs, crash records, etc. Help us better understand the status of products, so as to improve the service experience and provide better products. Geographic location information and file creation time contained in your photos (or similar files), rough characters contained in your photos, and contents contained in your photos. We will use this information to provide you with "people aggregation", "geographical location aggregation", "content tag" and other customized functions combined with these basic functions. You can turn off the cloud service so that we will not collect information related to photos (or similar files). But also, you can't use the functions that need this information. You can turn off the gps positioning function of your computer or collection, so that we won't get your current geographic location information. You need to use an email address or phone to create an account, so that you can make full use of the complete service. We may send you a notification by email or system notification. When you don't want to receive these messages, you can close them on the device or in the application according to the relevant prompts. You can stop using our service at any time. After you delete the data, due to the operation of the computer system and the continuous data backup and archiving characteristics, the residual copies in the server may be cleared after a while. Public information When you use the product or service, we default that you have allowed and agreed to the terms. Therefore, we will not share your information with any third party, nor will we sell or rent it or distribute it to others in other ways. We got your explicit consent to share information with us For necessary reasons, such as completing payment transactions or paying for products, we may share your information with the third-party service providers associated with this behavior. These service providers are only authorized to use your personal information to the extent necessary to provide services. In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of us or our partners and customers, we will disclose your personal information within the scope permitted by law. In order to comply with local laws and regulations, safeguard social public interests or other necessary legal reasons for safeguarding the rights and interests of others, we will carefully publish your personal information within the legal framework. When we have a merger, acquisition or other similar transactions, your personal information may be used as a transaction resource. If this happens, we will inform you in advance to transfer or destroy your personal information. Data security We use a variety of industry-standard encryption technologies (such as SSL and TLS) to protect your data during transmission, storage and sharing. However, please understand that due to the limitation of Internet technology, even if all advanced security technologies are used, 100% information security cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, we need you to understand and confirm the risks of transmitting information to us. When your data is stored in our server, we will ensure the security of the data on our server through policies, physics and logic. While the data on your computer depends more on the security of your equipment, we suggest you take necessary measures to ensure the security of your local data. Terms update When you continue to use our products or services, you will agree to the terms in effect at the present time by default.